Every trimester, we’ll send you a feel-good box packed with prenatal goodies just for you! We will celebrate your transition to motherhood with our Push-Partum Box. 
You’ll receive a total of (4) boxes! 🎉

(Please don’t forget leave DUE DATE in the comment section at checkout) 


Q: When will I get my subscription box?
A: You will receive your box the week you enter a new trimester.

Q: Will I be charged monthly?
A: No, you are charged in full at the time of check out. You will only need to provide a one-time payment shipping included for all (4) boxes. 

Q: How will you know when I entered a new trimester?
A: No worries! We ask that you provide us with your due date in the comment section at check-out. We will closely monitor your progress to ensure you receive your box on time.

Q: Will subscription box items differ from traditional Belly Batch trimester box items?
A: No, subscription box items will be the same as our traditional trimester box items? 

Q: Why should I purchase the Trimester Subscription boxes?
A: Mamas deserve to be pampered! Belly Batch Subscription boxes are a fun, safe, and convenient way to incorporating self-care into your daily practice because as mothers we cannot pour from an empty cup. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s a priority. Subscribe today!

Trimester Subscription Box!