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Want to be apart of something bigger than yourself? Join us in our efforts to raise funds to provide a fun and safe environment for kids in the community to play and make friends. 

We are raising funds to provide a fun and safe environment for kids in the community to play and make friends. 

The play center will be a wonderful addition to Families, as there are many families here with children. This will serve as not only a fun indoor space for kids to play, but a community gathering center where we can come together.

Keeping kids in an active lifestyle is beneficial for their overall growth and development. It helps in the child’s physical and mental development. Playing is not only fun but also an important activity in a young child’s life. Playing helps them develop intellectual and emotional skills that become a part of their personality eventually. There are many good things that parents can teach their children through indoor activities. Indoor play areas are a good choice of place to take your child to, where they can have fun, be active and play in a safe, clean and interesting environment. A properly designed indoor play area will have all kinds of adventure zones and soft playing areas that will keep children busy for a long time.

As much as indoor  activities are needed for a child’s physical and mental wellbeing, indoor activities are equally required to familiarise the child with different surroundings. Indoor playground provide a safe indoor-like environment for children to enjoy themselves in. It gives the experiences and challenges different from indoor environments that help them in thinking out of the box. There are many reasons why indoor play areas are good for kids and such playground also have different benefits to offer, making them important for children. Also we will be hosting birthday parties which will be our main attraction

The more money we raise, the larger and more elaborate the play center will be, we will be using funds for seating, updating the snack bar area, rugs, and additional soft play structures for the kids. 

volunteers will help paint, add safety features, and decorate the inside of the Playcenter, community outreach, and help implementing new program activities., and this could also serve as a wonderful way to come together as a community to do something great for the kids.