About Us

I’m Nerisha Harris, founder of Belly Batch. Belly Batch was curated with new and expectant mamas in mind because I understand how beautiful yet challenging the transition to motherhood could be. Belly Batch’s mission is to ensure that new and expecting mothers are preserving themselves during and after pregnancy.


We currently create pregnancy gift boxes specifically geared towards prenatal and postpartum needs, for each trimester. Our boxes serve as a celebratory gesture and empowerment tool to encourage moms to practice self-care during and after their beautiful transition! In addition, we care deeply about the well-being of Black women and babies and lowering the disproportionate rate of infant mortality.


Our trimester boxes are a great way to empower, educate, and encourage new and pregnant mothers to ensure healthy prenatal, perinatal and postpartum care.


With community support, we will be able to accomplish and continue working towards supporting African-American mothers with culturally sensitive perinatal services.

Nerisha Harris